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Welcome to Cambridge Behavioral Hospital (CBH), an acute inpatient psychiatric hospital located in Cambridge, Ohio.

Here at CBH, integrated treatment practices take into consideration the patient’s mental, physical, and substance abuse/addiction (if present) issues that create barriers to leading a happy and healthy lifestyle.

A dedicated and knowledgeable team of physicians, licensed therapists, nurses, case managers, and mental health technicians work to develop and implement a comprehensive treatment program tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

The CBH treatment team works to assess, diagnose and stabilize acute psychiatric and co-occurring disorders, followed by a smooth transition to less intensive, appropriate levels of follow-up care and support.

Patients served by CBH are encouraged to attend and participate in both individual and group programming throughout their stay. Additionally, each patient is invited to attend a weekly treatment team meeting to discuss progress and barriers to their treatment goals. Aftercare planning is initiated at the time of admission, and is ongoing throughout the patient’s hospital stay.

On August 27, 2015 it was identified that a data breach occurred regarding a limited number of former patients of Cambridge Hospital. Parts of personal information, including name, address and financial costs may have been compromised by a former employee. This breach was reported to the appropriate authorities. Please be advised that no social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, diagnoses or treatment records were copied or taken by this former employee, and we are not aware that this former employee used this information in any way.  As such, we do not believe that there is any action required on your part.   Individual notices were sent to all affected patients but some of the notices were returned because of outdated addresses and therefore we are posting this notice so that all affected patients receive notice.  If you have any questions such as if you were on this list you may contact Pam Braden at 800-282-5512.


Accredited by:
The Joint Commission

Licensed by:
The Ohio Department of Mental Health
and Addiction Services

Certified by:
Medicare (CMS)

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We are confident that once a concern is addressed with us, we can satisfy and resolve any issue. Although unlikely, if an individual's concern cannot be resolved by working with us directly, the individual is encouraged to contact the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.


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